What People Are Saying About Team Heroes

The dedication, love, and support of Team Heroes coaches and families has helped create our community on the field. Friends are not only made among the children and coaches, but among the parents as well. Team Heroes is a judgment free zone where ideas are expressed, people are comforted by others in similar situations, friendships are developed and exciting moments are shared.

“Team Heroes helps to create a judgement free zone for our children. I love going down to the field, playing a sport with my child, and being able to communicate with the other parents on the field!”

Team Heroes Parent

“Frankie has been with Team Heroes now for 4 years. He has learned the importance of teamwork and how to have fun at the same time. All the Team Heroes volunteers are wonderful. We very much appreciate all of the time and effort they put into working with Frankie and all the children with Autism. Thank you!”

Agnes Musi
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