Camp Information

Sports for Children with Autism on Long Island
Team Heroes Inc. sports teams help to create a judgment free zone for families and children with autism. Everyone comes to learn a sport with other families who are also walking in their shoes. The supportive atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed. As a special needs sports camp we work hard to use every child’s strengths when helping them learn. Our special education teachers and other volunteers create a supporting circle of love and dedication with families while on the field. They strive to help families and encourage the children to become successful teammates. The children love coming down to the field for all the attention, praise and love that the volunteers offer.

What is Our Special Needs Sports Camp Like?

The day starts out with greetings and discussing the week. Then the fun and excitement of soccer and t-ball begins. The team line up for some basic exercise drills that work on appropriate receptive responding skills. For instance, “do this,” “jump,” “twist,” etc. This helps children work on the important life skill of following directions. The team then breaks into groups to practice kicking into the net, dribbling, teamwork, passing, eye contact and friendship.

Every soccer/t-ball star leaves on the last day of camp with a sense of accomplishment and the basic skills needed to participate on a team. Parents always comment on how independent their child has become since the beginning of the season and how excited they are to have been part of the Team Heroes team!

Team Heroes Inc Sports teams are not only about learning a sport. The children’s self esteem and pride grows as they learn and play with their peers. Parents also have an outlet to meet other families who have children with autism.

Information About Getting Involved

Come join our team of soccer and tball stars! Sign up forms are located in the “Blogs” secton of the website. If you have any additional questions please contact Ellen.

Goals we have for our children

Teamwork, passing, eye contact, following directions, sharing, turn taking, waiting, socialization, learning the basic skills of the sport and most of all having fun!

Social Stories

Social stories and board maker pictures are visuals that help children with autism perform tasks on the field. Download our guides by clicking on the links below.

Safety on the Field

  • In order to provide a safe environment for all our beautiful children, the coaches of Team Heroes are always keeping an eye out for everyone’s safety.
  • Family members are required to be on the field at all times with their child.
  • Team Heroes is constantly trying to think of new ways to create a safe environment for the children so that they can flourish!
  • In addition we have created emergency cards for situations in which they may be needed.
  • Children will be given name badges in case an elopement situation arises.
  • All volunteers/coaches have whistles for emergency situations please ask them to use them if it’s an emergency.
  • Cleats will no longer be used on the field as a safety measure for our children due to the intimate setting.
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